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In our busy, heavily scheduled, and always connected society, American consumers value leisure time now more than ever before. That’s why the residential cleaning market is a booming $40 billion/year industry with expected growth of 10% over the next five years. In fact, it employs more than 1.7 million people, and because of increasing demand, that number is predicted to grow 6% annually. Professional cleaners aren’t just a luxury service for the wealthy anymore.

Today’s consumers want to spend their free time relaxing, enjoying family & friends, and sharing memorable experiences, not doing household chores. And for an ever-growing segment of the population, conventional cleaning products and methods just aren’t good enough for them or their loved ones. They don’t want to be exposed to scary sounding chemicals in the air, on their countertops, or anywhere else in their home. Nor do they want to needlessly contribute to landfill waste with disposable supplies.

Welcome to the green cleaning movement – one of the fastest growing segments of the cleaning industry. Did you know that 70% of consumers think it is important that a brand is sustainable or ecofriendly? Or that 69% of environmentally conscious consumers are willing to pay for services that reduce negative impacts? Green cleaning isn’t a fad or just a trendy buzzword anymore – it’s a way of life for millions and a thriving industry in its own right. And ecomaids is at the forefront of the movement. It’s our passion and the reason we do what we do. We are fully committed to using only Green Seal & EPA Safer Choice approved products that never contain toxins or allergens, HEPA 4-stage filtration vacuums to better collect contaminates, and recyclable cleaning supplies that minimize the impact on landfills. And we don’t stop there, we are always on the hunt to find the latest advances in technology to make sure we are delivering the best results for our customers and the environment.

Now more than any other time in recent history, Americans are concerned about cleanliness and disinfecting heavily trafficked areas and surfaces. They are looking for effective, safe solutions and ecomaids is part of the cycle of good disinfection. A science-based ecomaids cleaning experience means significantly improved air quality and no exposure to chemicals that could cause toxicity over time. People can literally breathe easier with ecomaids.
That’s what makes owning a professional ecofriendly cleaning franchise like ecomaids so recession resistant. Not only is it a necessary service and an essential business, but more than that, it’s a differentiated model. Specialized cleaning services like ecomaids face less competition and can distinguish themselves from other similar businesses more easily.

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