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What marketing support do you provide franchisees?

Marketing Support

Our Marketing Team uses proven strategies and tactics to increase your revenue stream, including Digital Demand Generation that drives qualified traffic to your website and digital channels, Ground Game tactics to create buzz in your market, ready-to-use marketing assets, website set-up & maintenance, social media assistance, and creative idea support for add-on revenue opportunities. From traditional media to cutting edge digital advertising, we help you reach new customers while maximizing sales from your current ones.

What technology is provided to franchisees? (CRM)                                                                           

Our completely cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software allows franchise owners and their teams to stay on top of daily operations from virtually anywhere. From managing your customer interactions and communications, to price quotes, scheduling and billing, our software allows you to do it all with ease while you build your business. In addition to daily business management, our CRM provides real-time analytics to give franchise owners the data they need to make important business decisions. The ecomaids system also utilizes Profit Keeper, a financial management software that enables owners to automate financial analysis, benchmark, make reliable comparisons and forecast appropriately to improve performance and profitability.

What operational tools/support is provided?                                                                                           

Our company’s intranet system houses a variety of resources including tools for employee recruitment and management, customer quoting and upsell templates, along with numerous other local business development tools. In addition, there are discussion forums and podcasts updated frequently so you can stay up to speed while on the go. Our EMU (ecomaids University) provides franchise owners portals for the initial and on-going training of technicians, along with sales and professional development courses for business owners and managers. Franchisees have regular one-on-one coaching sessions with their Franchise Business Advisor to discuss personal business goals and weekly peer group calls to share best practices with fellow franchise owners. The ecomaids team also routinely offers seminars with leading subject matter experts on topics relevant to your business.

Operational & Sales Support

Our in-house sales center ensures no lead gets left unanswered, and your potential customers receive consistent, professional service, so you can focus on day-to-day operations and building your business. With our CRM software, you’ll be able to easily manage your customer interactions, price quotes, and scheduling. You will also have access to our payroll & payment software, our extensive digital resource library, and our transparent data dashboard with real time information and analyses of all facets of your business.

Are there any communication channels with other successful Ecomaids franchisees to gain knowledge on what they are doing?

ecomaids owners can always connect with other successful franchisees to learn best practices and innovative ideas through our internal forums, regular Zoom group meetings, and social media groups for franchisees.

New Customer Acquisition

How does ecomaids help with new customer acquisition?

We are always on the hunt for new leads. ecomaids uses Digital Demand Generation that drives qualified traffic to your website and digital channels, as well as Ground Game tactics to create buzz in your market. Additionally, our in-house sales center ensures no lead gets left unanswered, and your potential customers receive consistent, professional service.

Why do our customers choose ecomaids over everyone else?

There are so many reasons, but let’s start with these:

  • Our 64-point checklist to ensure consistently excellent service
  • All employees receive background checks and full training before visiting clients. They are also fully bonded and insured.
  • Safety protocols to protect the home & family from the risk of outside contamination
  • Furniture & surfaces look fantastic because there is no corrosion on finishes from harsh chemicals
  • Clean, safe, toxin-free, allergen-free indoor air.
  • More leisure time to enjoy family & friends
  • Fast, reliable service
  • A professional, polite staff that respects the client’s home & property
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Products that contribute to a healthy environment, as they contain no toxic chemicals that pollute landfills and the water supply
  • Easy, convenient channels of communication

Our eco-cleaning franchise growth

Currently we are the fastest growing cleaning service in the country with many new markets scheduled for development in the near future.

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