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Who is ecomaids?
We are the leading innovator of environmentally responsible, non-toxic responsible cleaning services for families throughout the country. We are part of the Happinest Brands with over 50 years’ experience in home service franchising.

Cleaning Business?
Never saw yourself in a cleaning business? Few have. Think of ecomaids as a marketing and team building business that happens to be in the cleaning space. Your role is not to clean. Your role is to develop teams, build a great culture, manage day to day activities and participate in local events. Your role is to build a thriving business that will satisfy your goals, needs and expectations. Cleaning in the vehicle to get you there.

There is competition out there. What makes ecomaids different?
The residential cleaning space is huge and very fragmented. The demand for services outweighs the supply of providers. That said, ecomaids brings cleaning into the 21st century by answering the need for ecofriendly and science-based cleaning. Ecofriendly is not a consideration – it is an expectation.

I am not a marketing expert. What can I count on when it comes to marketing support?
Being part of Happinest, we have the advantage of centralized marketing. Our marketing program is innovative and modern, unlike others. We take the wheel so you can focus on your business. We create your demand and drive it to you!

Do I have to knock on doors for sales?
We provide our own inhouse sales center that takes your calls and inquiries. They sell it for you!

How will I find great employees?
We provide several unique strategies to assist with recruiting your staff. Whether it is geo-fencing or community outreach, we will walk beside you to find the “right” employees. It also has a lot to do with the culture you build in your business. You need to “out-culture” your competition.

Do I need experience to own an ecomaids?
No, our training will provide you all you need to know. Most of our owners have never owned a business, yet alone a cleaning business.

How much money can I make?
That is a hard question to answer! Franchising is regulated by the FTC and allows us to share certain financial information. The cleaning industry has been around for many years and has always been an attractive business opportunity. Much of the success you can experience is based on your commitment and drive using the tools, systems, and best practices we provide.

What would my exit strategy look like?
When looking at a business, this should be one of most important questions you ask. With ecomaids, you are building an asset with recurring review which is typically very attractive to buyers. Other partners grow a legacy business to pass down to their loved ones.

Will I have time to enjoy my family, friends, and hobbies?
At ecomaids, our owners love that their business is generally Monday through Friday during normal business hours. There is flexibility to attend all those important events!

Can I do this business semi absentee?
We would prefer that you work the business in the beginning. You will respect your investment like no one else will. This business can turn to semi absentee once your infrastructure is in place.

How much does it cost to become a franchisee?
Our initial investment is between $110,990 to $136,379 which will cover the initial investment as well as the first few months.

Do I need a large territory?
Our territories are designed to offer an owner at least 35,000 income qualified households.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for an ecomaids franchise?
Great question! It needs to be a fit on both sides. Our owners like the ability to manage their own time and make their own decisions. They love being part of their local community and help put people to work. Our partners are comfortable with managing and developing their staffs as well as enjoying the executive management side to the business. Does this sound like you?

How long does it take to get my business started?
Depending on how quickly you complete onboarding tasks and attend training…you could be in business offering services within a few months from signing your franchise agreements. When you make the decision to be a business owner, you want to start as soon as possible!

If you have more questions, reach out!

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